We were covered by Sakal times on 28th Feb 2015…

We were covered by Sakal times on 28th Feb 2015. Thanks Sakal times for covering us and for creating awareness in people…

We were covered by sakal times on 28th Feb 2015
We were covered by sakal times on 28th Feb 2015

-Amit Godse (a bee man)



Benefits of bees……

You might be wondering what are the benefits of bees? why they much be conserve? Here are the points which everybody much know about them.

Benefits of Bees:
1. They increase farm products by 60-70% in an average.
2. Whatever foods we eat on the plate, 2/3rd part come from bees only due to pollination service
they provide to us.
3. Bees help plant’s seeds to maintain genetic biodiversity and ensuring that plant species to
continue on this mother earth by means of pollination. There is coexistence between plants and
bees, plants help bees by providing them nectar and pollen as their food and bees reciprocate
by helping them to pollinate, hence Bees also ensure continuation of forest.
4. Almost 80% of plant species depend upon pollination for their survival.
5. Bees are the best pollinator. 70% of pollination service is done by bees alone, as they have a
quality to adherent to same plant flowering during a particular time of the day.
6. They give us 1st ever discovered sweet food as honey by human. It has many health benefits too.
7. They give us other bee products like bee wax, pollen, propolis, royal jelly and bee venom. They
are used to make many medicines and other products.
8. Honey acts as a power enhancer of Ayurvedic medicines.

Thanks for reading. Spread this message to create awareness about bees to people.

– Amit Godse (a bee man)



Hello world!

Hello World!

I’m starting this blog to conserve bees all across India and need your support to take it ahead!

I will be soon writing on bees in this blog, Please stay tune.

Thank you.

– Amit Godse (- a bee man)

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